Co-creating a sustainable, conscious and loving society.

A meeting place for people who want to live the change 

At Anywhere, people and organizations gather who strive for a sustainable, conscious, and loving world, committed to living the change. Anywhere is a place to support us in living our individual and collective calling (read about The Calling at: https://bit.ly/3idDbYu)

At Anywhere you can inspire others and be inspired, test talk, gift, ask for help and invite. In this place, people and communities of different kinds and perspectives meet, united in vision and values.

We believe that a cultural transformation is necessary, ie. that we change the cultural patterns and habitual behaviors that keep us in destructive relationships with ourselves, each other and the planet. We believe that some of these shifts mean moving collectively from:
Competition to Collaboration
Consumption to Serving
Isolation to Community
Transaction to Trust
Scarcity to Abundance

As a member (free of charge), you can participate in events (online and offline); join conversations on topics that matter to you; explore and indulge in themed spaces and interact with different communities, working for the same vision in different ways (many roads are leading to the same goal).

Anywhere is a place that we take care of and nurture together. You are warmly welcome to participate, no matter who you are, what you know or how you want to be involved. The only thing we ask is that we all do our best and help each other to follow the principles and guidelines: https://www.anywhere.nu/principles 

Welcome to Anywhere! How are you called to live today?